Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Damn the Music Man

Okay so I have determined the radio sucks everywhere…. Wait I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Since I only own an I-pod shuffle I am limited to what CDs I bring to work or what I can find on line to listen to, because I can’t get the shuffle to get me through the day in the office. This didn’t used to be a big deal for me, because I found the website, which was cool ‘cause I could make my own on line playlists, listen to other peoples play lists, or listen to full albums. Now not every song/album I wanted to listen to from every artist was available, but I still had a pretty good selection of music to choose from. Then ‘The Man’ had to come along and ruin everything.

To keep everyone in the office productive, limit exposure to offensive materials, keep people from taking up to much band width, and try to minimize exposure to viruses, sites like MySpace, Face Book, YouTube, and pretty much anything fun have been blocked. Again not a big deal I don’t have to be that connected all the time, and for those folks who have to tweet while at work they have smart phones (naughty, naughty people finding a way around the system). I could still get my music on Imeem though till in an attempt to try to keep their site afloat MySpace bought them. The fuckers! Now I am limited to internet radio.

Since the hostile take over of my listening pleasure I have experimented with different players (that aren’t blocked), different stations on those players, and find one thing to be common among them all. With the plethora of music out there they all play basically the same thing. If you listen to any pop station hearing the same songs over and over again is to be expected, but I am typically bouncing around different alternative music stations, and I can’t get anything remotely non mainstream. Modern rock everyone plays the same thing. Alternative mix same top 10 new artists for the genre and formerly top 10 artists with an occasional upstart. Hell I even found a punk station and they cycle through the same artists over and over again. You would think with internet radio and listening to stations in different demographic areas there would be some mix in there, and if it was from a station based in a larger or even costal metropolitan area (they are a head of the Midwest on basically all trends in everything else) I could find some new music being played.

Come on folks we have all these awesome artists out there playing sold out shows in small to mid sized venues, with awesome riffs and killer lyrics and I can’t find a damn one of them to listen to. I seriously have a wider variety of music in the 400 CDs on the shelf in my living room than radio stations have on their playlists. Is there some corporate decision some where to hide over half the good music out there? I almost want to buy a radio station so I can higher a random 15 year old, some 20 year old kid working for a college radio station, and an aging alternative hipster to design the play list for my radio station. That covers your three main demographics, I imagine you’d actually get a good following, and you’d get diversity of music instead of one good song hidden amongst songs and artists I’ve already heard 10 times in one day.

If this mystery station does exist, please let me know and send me a link to it. If not I will accept donations to start the greatest radio station ever.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Scruff

So as the holiday season approaches I wonder what I should do for my annual holiday facial hair experiment? Should I go clean shaven to a couple days of scruff (my norm), half goatee, full goatee, full beard, Fu-Manchu, or a mustache? Please leave comments and the one with the most votes gets to stick around till the end of December, pending Crazysahm not going to nuts over the look.

(don't you just love my wicked awesome paint skills)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

.... and how 'The Man' taunts us...

This is my belated thianksgiving blog.

As much as we all love a good Thanksgiving does any one else notice how 'The Man' likes to fuck with us this week. We all get Thursday off to stuff our faces to the point where we want to hibernate like bears. Then a large percentage of people, me included, have to work on Friday. In my case it was a half day, but still it was back to work. Some people even ventured out to shop before the sun was up and prior to going to work. To wrap it up we then get a two day reprieve prior to going back to work. From all of this I felt like it was Sunday for three blasted days, prior to it actually being Sunday.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Vivian the Imposter and other random things

So I'm bad been a few days since I posted, but it's been crazy with the wifey having to go to traffic school, The boy child having his 6 month appointment today and other random things.
Now I couldn't get off of work today (because of all kinds of whack drama) to go to the boy child's 6 month appointment, so that catalyzed this event. Bare in mind this wouldn't have happened if I had been there, and I know the wife didn't find this funny at the time. While they were waiting to get called back a drug rep, about my build and dressed like me came in and went to the back room. This did not go over well as the girl child thought daddy had just walked in and went into an area of the doctors office she couldn't follow. This prompted a melt down that rivaled the force of an atomic bomb as the daddy impostor ignored the child. How dare he do such a thing, as the world revolves around the child at least in her mind.
Then when I came home I got a brief questioning look, like are you going to ignore me like your doppelganger did earlier today. Then I heard,"Daddy!" and she an over and hugged my leg. This repeated off and on till she ran around wearing my ball cap like it was the most prized possession in the world as she got ready to have a slumber party at grandmas.
One of the greatest things about this is we don't have to watch Finding Nemo tonight. I used to love Pixar films as they are fun and entertaining, but every child I know loves the films and will watch them over and over again. I swear to accomplish this the company had to make a deal with the devil. How many movies can the company make that kids will watch till their parents want to scream "NO MORE" and gouge their eyes out?
I'm almost afraid to watch UP as it might become another movie I have nightmares about.
I haven't had reoccurring night mares like this since I worked for a bagel shop and would dream about unending lines waiting for smoothies.
To get a night off from Pixar I think I might finally watch Transformers 2 even though Mega Fox annoys me to no end. The girl is totally worthless and has no redeeming qualities, and I blame girls like her for the self esteem problems so many women have today. I pray my daughter can find good role models with the plethora of stupid girls like Megan Fox. However back to my previous point despite how she annoys me I can't say no to giant robots. After all who can say no to Optimus Prime.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

full nights sleep

And the boy spawn would not sleep last night. It's almost as if he decided last night he would be predisposed to driving his mother and I crazy from lack of sleep. The routine consisted of throw a few punches nod of for a bit then repeat. I think I maybe slept in bed for a total of two hours last night. I almost debated about using the liquid green death to get him to sleep, but then he would have been in comma for 10 years and woken up next to Cluas. Also that would make me one of the most irresponsible white trash dads out there, which I am not. Best suffer through the day and hope tonight goes better, if not that is why there is a veritable cornucopia of coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks to keep my eyes open long enough to make it through the work day (excluding Rockstar, because the owner does a lot of gay bashing and that isn't cool).

Monday, November 16, 2009

The joys of working in DR

So one of the many aspects of my job is i get to preview all the whack infomercials that will be coming to a channel near you. I've seen the cleavage clip, the happy chop, the pet protector, and so many more.

You sometimes wonder what people were thinking.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Ok by no means am I a pacifist, but after having kids I find my self toning down my movie choices. I love comic books and movies based off comic books, so I watched Punisher War Zone last night. Surprisingly I actually found myself wishing for some more plot. Three years ago I would have been like awesome dude got shot and his bead blew up, now I'm like did we really need to see his head blow up?
To further this Cartoon Network was running a Looney Toons Marathon today, and I thought I grew up on these my daughter who is almost two should enjoy these. I didn't even make it through a whole cartoon, before I thought this is to much and turned the TV off and got out some crayons.
Next thing you know I'll be moving to Amish Country for good old fashioned values.