Sunday, November 15, 2009


Ok by no means am I a pacifist, but after having kids I find my self toning down my movie choices. I love comic books and movies based off comic books, so I watched Punisher War Zone last night. Surprisingly I actually found myself wishing for some more plot. Three years ago I would have been like awesome dude got shot and his bead blew up, now I'm like did we really need to see his head blow up?
To further this Cartoon Network was running a Looney Toons Marathon today, and I thought I grew up on these my daughter who is almost two should enjoy these. I didn't even make it through a whole cartoon, before I thought this is to much and turned the TV off and got out some crayons.
Next thing you know I'll be moving to Amish Country for good old fashioned values.

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  1. Crayons are good....very very good....Seriously...cartoons have gone over the edge. How about SpongeBob?? The little ones love it, yet there are so many tidbits in there that are really for adults. My 12 yo even asks..."what did they mean by that??"
    Oh...and welcome to the blogging world! Have a good time!